- Tribute to Megan Fox's toe tumbs! -

Megan Fox thumb tribute - Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs, a.k.a. brachydactyly type-d. Megan fox right thumb on wood in Armani jeans campaign. Megan fox right thumb up in Armani jeans campaign. Megan fox hand art. The right hand palm of Megan Fox - featured with a long pointer finger. The hand lines in the right hand of Megan Fox look quite normal. Megan Fox right hand with glasses. Megan fox left thumb between teeth. Megan Fox's left thumb fingernail is shorter than most of other fingernails. A major characteristic in the hand lines of Megan Fox's left hand is the 'independent head line'. Megan Fox lying on the floor. Megan Fox thumb impressions from the Transformers movie. Megan Fox - kiss with both hands. Megan Fox - righ hand waving goodbye 2013.

Megan Fox toe thumb hand wave.

Megan Fox rose art featured with toe thumb.

Megan Fox's toe thumb became an internet hit in 2009; the hype arrived at it's peak in 2010 when media reported that Megan Fox's toe thumbs were replaced by a body-double in a sexy Motorola commercial (with miss Fox lying in a bath thumb) - which was on-air during the Superball event on february 7, 2010. A few months later Megan's toe thumb got also photoshoped in an Armani jeans & underwear campaign (see picture below).

Megan Fox's thumb condition is formally known as brachydactyly type d (BDD) - a relatively common inborn minor physical anomaly (resulting from a genetical trait in HOXD13).

Basically, this thumb condition concerns a shortened thumb characterized by a rather remarkably broad nail phalange - a.k.a. club thumb, stub thumb, toe thumb, clubbed thumb, potter's thumb, hammer thumb and most unappealingly, murderer's thumb.

The prevalence of this thumb condition varies in different populations, usually ranging from 0.1% to 4.0%. According to "Abnormal Skeletal Phenotypes" (2005), this thumb conditiion occurs in: 0.4 percent of whites, 0.1 percent of blacks; higher percentages have been reported for populations in Israel (1.6 percent of Jews, 3 percent of Arabs) and Japan.

Megan Fox photoshoped thumb in Armani jeans campaign.

Megan Fox thumb tribute.

Megan Fox thumb tribute - Megan Fox toe thumbs - Megan Fox clubbed thumbs