- Tribute to Megan Fox's clubbed tumbs! -

Megan Fox thumb tribute - Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs, a.k.a. brachydactyly type-d. Megan fox right thumb on wood in Armani jeans campaign. Megan fox right thumb up in Armani jeans campaign. Megan fox hand art. The right hand palm of Megan Fox - featured with a long pointer finger. The hand lines in the right hand of Megan Fox look quite normal. Megan Fox right hand with glasses. Megan fox left thumb between teeth. Megan Fox's left thumb fingernail is shorter than most of other fingernails. A major characteristic in the hand lines of Megan Fox's left hand is the 'independent head line'. Megan Fox lying on the floor. Megan Fox thumb impressions from the Transformers movie. Megan Fox - kiss with both hands. Megan Fox - righ hand waving goodbye 2013.

Megan Fox toe thumb hand wave.

Megan Fox thumb: left hand between teeth.

Megan Fox's toe thumb became an internet hit at the time when the action Sci-Fi movie 'Transformers (2): Revenge of the Fallen' was released (see picture below) - her thumb condition was not noticed at the time of her first appearance in the 2007 'Transformers' movie.

Back then hand surgeons have described that even though genetic factors are involved in this (often inherited) inborn club thumb condition, Megan's thumb abnormality can be recognized as just a minor cosmetic imperfection. According medical science brachydactyly type d (BDD) concerns a minor physical anomaly.

On december 17, 2012 at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Megan Fox unveiled her own (non-scientific) 'thumb-theory' for how she acquired her thumbs; Megan described that her mom had been eating Tuna everyday while being pregnant of Megan - tuna is known for high levels of Mercury.

Other actors/models who have a club thumb include: Malin Akerman (US actress), Tory Mussett (Australian actress), Ashley Lynn Cafagna (US actress), and Kristen van Der Noot (Germany DJ and model); the Russian author and Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn is also a well-known person who had at least one clubbed thumb.

Megan Fox club thumbs impression from Transformers movie.

Megan Fox thumb tribute.

Megan Fox thumb tribute - Megan Fox toe thumbs - Megan Fox clubbed thumbs